Monday, September 24, 2018

{Grass & Guns}

The boys were having fun shooting BBs at targets all over the yard yesterday after we finished our school time together.  I always love watching their creativity with playing in the fields...they will create their own golf course/holes and all sorts of fun things.  As they were in the front field running around with Bo, the littlest followed me outside and showed off a little...walking barefoot in the grass & grabbing a bottle of BBs and shaking it like a rattle.  ;)

I couldn't help but take a deep breath and sit there in awe of how far she's come in these 5 months...from being downright terrified of the grass to now boldly taking steps in it with nothing on her feet.  And she was so proud...she yelled over to me "Ma!  Gass!"  So many lessons she is teaching me in courage...what a gift to watch her grow!

And then her big sister came out to join her...and took her hand...and I was reminded of how she's come so far already...we are always stronger together.

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