Tuesday, August 14, 2018

{Back to School!}

This year we have a FRESHMAN {I can't handle it!}, a 3rd grader & a 4K-er!!!

In the jet lagged madness of returning to the US after AJ's adoption, I sent out a worrisome plea asking if the former homeschool academy that we participated in for several years until 2 years ago had three spots available...knowing very likely that their answer would be no since registration was last January and I had two age groups that typically have waiting lists!  Well, I got an email back that YES all three had spots.   I jumped on taking them anticipating that I'd be spending the better part of this year in the specialists' offices or running home to meet back to back therapists all day like we did when AG first came home.  BUT GOD.  He's so good...and is giving me the sweetest surprise of two days to just soak up Little Miss Sunshine minus the doctors and the therapists.  Because, HE already did that work in her.  And because HE knows how weary my heart is and cares so much for His children.  Overwhelmed by Him...and so thankful that He's used all my girls to teach me that taking steps in obedience can mean stepping right into the hard and holy...smacking them both right in the face so that I am constantly being transformed...and usually that hurts.  But it also means stepping right into His mercy....where He meets me in the hard and provides respite when He knows I need it most.  

What a blessing it is to have a place where my children are together...where AG can find Bear for carline and run to him for a hug...where they worship together each morning and memorize God's Word...and where all the high school courses that just wouldn't be very well managed at home with a very active 2 year old can be taught by those who love their subjects and pursue their student's hearts for Him.  And I still get the other three days to wrap their work up with them, too!  {Truth be told, with a 2 year old, we are definitely struggling finding our groove those days but it'll take time for sure!}. Here's to another amazing year together with my Fab Four!!!

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