Thursday, July 05, 2018

{Let Freedom Ring!}

Such a sweet 4th!  We kept it low-key as that seems to be the key these days with both the girls.  AG is definitely still having some adjusting going on and keeping AJ on her much loved schedule is so much easier when we are home.  She's starting to speak English more and more and really is beginning to realize that she can't fully communicate her we are having a few more hard moments as we learn to navigate this once again.  She's still speaking her native tongue a good bit but tends to lean more towards English now.  It's so exciting on one hand to see her pick it up so well...but also quite heartbreaking as it's another loss in her life.  All that said, we decided a simple day home would be best!  We had some of our favorites over that morning to swim for a bit and then kept to the lunch & nap routine by noon.  I still prepared a 4th of July feast complete with ribs, coleslaw, cucumber salad, baked beans & cupcakes, of course!  The kids enjoyed swimming more that afternoon and then we finished the night with our first night time swim in the pool!  The kids LOVED swimming with the lights on in the pool...and when I share iPhone pics for this month there's a sweet one in there of them in it.  

AJ also enjoyed fully her first all yours, go at it as you wish cupcake!  She had a cake in the orphanage that we had sent to her but her nanny fed her bite by bite...which I think was how she was always fed unless it was a steam bun or cracker.  She had the most fun eating that cupcake!  She wasn't quite sure how to go about it so she held it some and then just face planted into it also.  Truly the sweetest treat was ours in watching her enjoy something so simple...oh how much we take for granted!  So thankful this little ray of sunshine reminds us!  Our freedom was never our country or in our faith.  It's been fought for and paid with a price.  May we always be mindful and deeply grateful of the privilege we have...and thank you Jesus for the two little girls who are that very picture of freedom in our family!

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