Monday, July 16, 2018

{Journey to Ailee James: 3 Months of Forever}

Gracious me, time is flying!!!  To celebrate THREE months of forever with our little "Dub" we headed to get Snowballs (aka shaved ice with loads of sugary goodness drizzled over top) on Sunday night.  Dub loves to eat and can put away just about as much food as our 14 year old.  Oh my! We have definitely learned that it's her in, it's her showing us that she's still very much struggling on the inside with security and attachment and finding her place in this new normal she's been given.  Yep, you'd think that one would jump for joy over leaving an orphanage but when that's all they've ever known, it's not exactly a dream come true to be kidnapped by a weird looking crew and moved to the other side of the world.  These are things that we've longed been trained to look for and acknowledge with our girls from hard places and however her little mind processes this is what she needs to do.  So, we have set some boundaries on the food issue but make sure that she knows we will always meet her needs and care for her.  She's so brave and we build on each tiny, courageous step she takes.

Her language is incredible.  Full 4-5 word sentences and questions nonstop.  She's my little parakeet and repeats everything I say and do.  She picks up on mannerisms well and copies those also.  It's kinda adorable! :)

She's so curious and a little bit mischievous.  She is into everything and runs everywhere she goes.  She is funny and very ticklish and has a smile the moment she wakes up...which cannot exactly be said of her mama.  ;)

Soon we will attempt the beach again and I'm praying that the strides she's taken with the grass will mean that we can actually put her down in the sand.  The last time she saw it she had only been home for a'll be interesting to see what a little time has done.

She's gotten a new nickname...of which the boys are to blame!  Since she's got a little meat on her bones they immediately thought she was a chunky monkey {and compared to AG she is a bit more of an athletic build} so they called her "Double T" in Thunder Thighs.  I told them that although she's a baby I still didn't think that was very they've shortened it to "Dub"...which has actually stuck since when she tells us "I love you" it sounds exactly like "Dub-You".  So, let's just go with the latter!

I snuck a few photos of little sunshine girl playing with her Bear this morning.  Just enjoying life together.  Simple mornings in the school room...the little things I want to remember forever.  What a treasure she is...and how lucky we are!

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