Tuesday, May 01, 2018

{Journey to Ailee James: Home}

We arrived home exceptionally late Thursday night (nearly midnight) and had the sweetest welcome home crew!  A dear friend was there to capture Scott, Bear & Panda girl meeting our little Sunshine baby.  I'm still heavily under the impact and lasting effects of jet lag...and I'm just not bouncing back as quickly as I'd like...plus, I know the entirety of a very difficult trip is hitting hard and my body and mind are finally processing it all.  Somehow, we managed & are home with the sweetest gift.

AJ is adjusting beautifully.  She's joy personified and adores her siblings...and her daddy especially!  She runs to welcome him home and is the snuggliest snuggler allowing us to love her and draw her close. Such a blessing! Panda girl is adjusting well...having her moments of course but truly loving her baby sister and showing her the ropes.  Sunshine isn't a big fan of the grass or babydolls...after all, she's never seen such things and will take some time to adapt but played lots running up and down the driveway yesterday carrying a baseball.  :)

We already saw her pediatrician and got a positive eczema diagnosis...which really relieved me a bit since I was afraid it was ringworm.  We see our favorites at MUSC on Friday morning to take a look at her ticker and are looking forward to getting answers there.  She has had a few moments that scared me a bit...low sats right when she wakes up and has a cold drink but that hasn't happened in a few days.  Sometimes I wish I just didn't know so much...and things that put me on edge are quickly put to rest by friends made over 10 years ago in those same halls we will visit the end of this week.  So thankful that a simple text or email is all it takes to have the best of the best giving me their opinions and insight...and rearranging the clinic schedule so my girl can be seen sooner and this momma have answers.  Annabelle's life always a part of ours...

We have been covered in gifts and goodies and flowers and food!  Such a blessing to be able to focus on solidifying this new little family God's given us and pour into Ailee James in the best way as she learns what a family really is.  She will definitely give smiles to just about anyone as she learns who to trust and there's still so much we've yet to learn about her...and she us.  It takes time but she is the bravest little firecracker.  She's yet to refuse to fight this new life...although I fully expect that moment will come as it did on "gotcha" day...a day I'm still processing and that is redefining everything I thought I knew about my own adoption as Christ's child.  Oh the lessons our children will teach us...especially when they are as brave as she is...knowing fully what was happening and being scared stiff with her entire body shaking in fear and yet trusting me when she had no clue what was in store...blindly letting me lead her just as He's done so many times in my own life.  My heart still can't fully grasp all she taught me that day.

As far as her development is going, she's repeating words nonstop and came up to Bear on her own this morning and said "What's that?"  She also will run after me when she sees me grab a diaper and say "Change ah hi-lee!"...since I've said for the last 2 weeks every time she needs a diaper change "Let Mommy change your hiney!"  And yet she'll sing lullabies in Mandarin at the top of her lungs too!  She can ask me to open something and say "All done!" and "Hey-lo" and "Buh-bye!" So many sweet little things that I just want to bottle up and remember forever!   Mostly, though the sheer joy that she's brought into our lives...God's goodness over and over and over.  An unplanned pregnancy of sorts that has delivered into our family the most darling child that I never knew I needed...Oh thank you, Jesus, for our little Sunshine!


Unknown said...

Oh how this post and these pictures bring me to tears. The joy. The love. The chosen family God ordained!! Our good good father has out done himself precious one!!

Alison Lee said...

Breathtaking! You can see the love in these pictures!

Anonymous said...

God's grace in written in your words and pictures. Can't wait to watch her grow and flourish with the love of her family! Jennifer Waldrop