Saturday, May 05, 2018

{Heart Check}

Yesterday we all loaded up & headed to our favorite city in the South! The main reason for the trip was to take a look at AJ's heart but we had to add in a few traditions to introduce to our little sunshine girl!

She did amazing for the echo & was easily entertained with suckers {whatever it takes, right?!?}!  Her heart report was ASTOUNDING!  Yes, there's an ASD {Atrial Septal Defect...or a hole between her upper two chambers} but it's "unimpressive & boring".  There was ZERO sign of valve regurgitation either.  I'm pretty sure this is the first time that we've ever been unimpressive & boring and we LOVE it!!!  Neither Scott nor I anticipated this report at all...we were sure she was at least headed into Cath lab in the near future and maybe even surgery.  We are hopeful that some of the signs that scared us {that have mostly seemed to disappear} were from the intense grief and shock she's experienced the past 3 weeks.

Baby girl did have a high heartbeat that I noticed the day after we came home so we have a little monitor on her back to record about 2-3 days of rhythms.  Nothing that seems acutely alarming but definitely something we want to double check since we have no history on her.

After a visit with our favorites at MUSC...a our precious nurse Joy coming to hang out for a while too...we met back up with the rest of the crew & headed to Sullivan's Island for lunch.  Nothing like introducing your littlest love to eating out in a restaurant with Mex 1 on the beach!  She loved the tortillas and did excellent as long as food was around.  :)

Then, we took a quick walk to the beach to get a few photos & because I find it quite impossible to go to the beach not see the ocean and let my toes feel the sand.  AJ loves water but was very unsure of the sand and refused to walk.  So, the boardwalk was our friend!

A few more fun stops around town & we headed back...because the last thing I want to see is a suitcase or a hotel room.  ;)

SO thankful that Jesus has worked miracles in her heart  & continuing to pray that just as He has done physically...He will do in so many other ways as we take little steps each day to earn her trust & cover the deepest wounds with love.

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Linda Green said...

I love the pictures! God is good, and your family looks so happy! I know there will be some hurdles ahead, but my heart is happy for you guys!
Linda Green