Monday, April 23, 2018

{Journey to Ailee James: Pictures in the Park}

Nearby our hotel are two lovely parks.  We decided to take a walk there before lunch and after our visa appointment to get some fresh air.  Wyatt also saw that there were little electric boats you can take on the pond there and had been asking to do so.  He just completed & received his boater's education license a few weeks ago so I figured I'd let him drive us around! ;)

AJ is not a big fan of me putting her down outside of our hotel room.  She will open up lots in the hotel room and even in less busy spaces but when we are out and about she prefers to be close by.  She also is not a fan of the grass or dirt or anything other than concrete or tile floors.  Her orphanage did have a little outdoor area that I was told she loved to play on the slide there but everything was hardscape. She really just doesn't know what to think of all the colors and different textures...and had a bit of a meltdown when I tried to put her by flowers for photos.  So, seeing as how we live in the country and have acres and acres of land, we're going to have to work on that!  One tiny step at a time!

I took photos of Andie-Grace one week after she was placed in my arms in a little smocked dress at the hotel's garden that is in the girls' bedroom and wanted one of Ailee James, too.  I think our mission was accomplished...both for getting the photos & Wyatt getting to drive the boat...and AJ loved the boat ride...and discovered her belly too!  I'm pretty sure she's never worn a dress without a full outfit on under it!

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Unknown said...

She is just adorable Rebecca!! All that texture stuff will resolve itself and look at Wassup!!!! 😂😊