Saturday, April 21, 2018

{Journey to Ailee James: Downtime}

It's Saturday in China & we have a free day!!! Woohoo!!!  We are staying on Shamian Island at The Victory Hotel which I thought was going to be less expensive since there is a trade show going on in town and prices are doubled...but it's turning out to be harder to find food and we are really missing not having other adoptive families around us here.  We were so spoiled our first trip being all together and staying at The Garden with other people in the same boat as us and I really am missing that community...especially not having Scott here too.  It is nice to be able to walk around outside more on our own though and we did just that this morning.  We finally got a slower morning & let AJ spend some time just playing in the room.  She is really coming to life!  She's talking nonstop and repeating many words that I say.  We Facetimed back home with Bear and Panda...and then with her Daddy.  She gives them lots of smiles and seems to be catching on to who they are...I absolutely cannot wait to see them together.

Apparently, Shamian gets really busy on the weekends!  There were so many people out and about...mostly taking photos of themselves & brides getting portraits done...except many with their grooms!  It's such a lovely little island (although it's not what you would think of as an island necessarily)'s still very much loud and busy China too with downtown just across a short bridge.  It reminds me of Charleston a bit so that definitely is a treat!

We will be aiming to do the traditional photos here another day!  But, we did enjoy walking around outside & doing a little souvenir shopping.

Tomorrow our guide has something planned for us...although I'm not entirely sure what.  Maybe an ancient park or something...please pray my tummy cooperates by then!  I've had a very difficult time finding food the past few days and the missing bag that the airline finally brought back to us this morning was the bulk of my meals.  So grateful to have that back!  Thankful to have a shake with some much needed probiotics in my hand this moment and hoping my autoimmune stuff doesn't keep flaring up so badly!  It's a really hard trip for someone who has so many dietary restrictions and the stress of it isn't helping.  Plus, I realized around 5am this morning why people say they are "home sick"...I've never been apart from my husband more than 4 nights in 17 years...and my body is taking the toll for it.  I do have some medication to take if needed but am hoping not to have to resort to it.

Our little chunky monkey just went down for a nap and I think I may join her... but for now isn't she just the happiest baby?!?!  She has her moments for sure but is blowing us away with her being so open and willing to let us love her.  We truly are the lucky ones.

  We will get more of the other statues on a less busy day but this one always cracks me up!  I think its' the Chinese view of us Americans adopting their babies?  I'm not sure but it sure is funny!

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