Wednesday, February 07, 2018

{Yep, we are yours!}

One of the beautiful aspects of social media is being able to connect with other like-minded friends around the country {and globe}.  Through a private group page dedicated to families with children from AJ's orphanage, I found a mama just about to travel who offered to take a few things to our girl. We now have had this sweet blessing twice!  She also was able to take a few photos, put AJ's first bow in her hair & send me a video of our baby girl seeing her family for the first time!

The sweet nanny who was explaining the book to her said "Mama, Baba..." and then went on to point out her brothers and sister.   I also just recently learned that at the end of the video the nanny tells her that she is very lucky to have a family.  So precious....but I know something {ahem, SOMEONE} much bigger than luck has something to do with this!

I pray that she is able to often see our photos and know we are hers...and that we are coming!

It's looking like it'll be me & her biggest brother traveling to bring her home...and prayers are very much appreciated as we begin to prepare to be separate for those two weeks.  For many reasons, we feel that it is best this time but are still sad to be apart for such a special moment.  I know God will teach us and stretch us and sustain us but my momma heart is a little broken to have half of my world on the other side of it while we travel.

God is so gentle to remind me that He has done the same for me. He left the flock for the one lost sheep...and is asking the same for us.  In His strength alone we will go & we will ransom the precious little one He called us to...   And then she will forever know a love that knows no limits!


Elaine said...

Oh my heavens...look at her memorizing your faces! It’s just magic and the whole thing is a hundred God-winks or more!! Don’t worry... we will all pray you there and safely home!! We love you!😊💞🙏🏼

Laura Conrad said...

So sweet! I just love it. Can't wait to have another niece.

Anonymous said...

❤❤❤❤ I can't wait to see her being held and hugged by her mommy and daddy ❤❤❤