Friday, February 16, 2018

{A Sweet Surprise!}

A couple of months ago, a sweet soul who was adopting another little girl in AJ's orphanage offered to take a little care package for me to our girl!  I was really just hoping for photos of her...and knew that the care package would be a pretty good way to get them.

Unfortunately, that precious lady was not able to tour the orphanage.  Her daughter was quite distressed from the trauma that adoption is {basically it's kidnapping for our babies...people who smell different, speak different, look different taking them away from all they've ever known}.  But, she was able to get the little care package to AJ's nanny who said that they would be sure to get it to her.

I really was hoping for them to put the outfit on AJ as it was going to be my judge of how big she really is...and what do you know!  I awoke this morning to the sweetest surprise!  Photos of AJ from the orphanage with her wearing that 18 month outfit that Bear picked two sweet answers to prayer!

I say it every time but these pictures make me want to jump on a plane right now! She seems to be quite a content little baby and those who have met her say she's really laid back...I hope that turns out to be true! ;) Bless her, coming into this family she's going to have to be ready to go with the flow...because being the baby of 5 is going to be something else!

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Anonymous said...

I have felt prompted to write you for two or so months. My heart has been touched by your journey and I feel a tugging at my heart to do the same. I keep pushing it down because of so many reasons. Tonight I feel brace and thought I should leave you a note. I know you are super busy but could you send me an email? I know it is a lot to ask but I have several questions about where/how to get started. We have adopted before through our states foster program so adoption on the domestic side is familiar. My email is