Sunday, January 28, 2018

{Happy 10th, Annabelle!}

"God is too good to be unkind & He is too wise to be mistaken.  When we cannot trace His hand, we must trust His heart."  ~Charles Spurgeon

Today we celebrated 10 years since the day He gave our Annabelle life...from life's first cry to final breath...Jesus commands my destiny...lyrics that will forever be hers in my heart.  Learning "In Christ Alone" as I was carrying her in my womb, she danced inside me every time I sang it...and then singing it countless times bedside in the intensive care unit she would perk up & turn my direction at the hum of our favorite new hymn.

Heaven rejoiced today & so did we!  We had our traditional homemade blueberry muffins around the island together this morning {as we do every Sabbath} and decided that it would be quite fitting to enjoy ribs & cake for lunch.  She is, after all, the reason I began eating pork again after nearly 20 years without...she and I enjoyed our bacon & toaster strudel quite frequently most evenings before meeting her face to face.  They say with every pregnancy you crave different things...well, for Annabelle she preferred bacon.  So, out of nowhere, I began eating pork again...and I know she'd be enjoying ribs if she were here with us! ;)

Her baby sister picked out cake with sprinkles & wanted hearts on top!  It was perfect!  I am so thankful that we have continued to celebrate her birthday and our children now see this as a blessed & beautiful day to rejoice also!

Happiest Birthday, my Belle...your life changed everything in ours....

I caught him mid-bite but at least I got a thumbs up! ;)

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