Saturday, December 09, 2017

{Christmas with Grandmama}

The long line of the littlest of the great grandchildren ready to open their gifts from Grandmama! {The "bigger" great grands were happy to settle for cash!}

Nearly 90 years between these two but you'd never know it.  Never thought my church Grandma (who had my family as regulars to her mountain cabin in Boone as a child) would turn out to be my children's great grandmama.  That first date in the summer of 2000 ended in complete disbelief that somehow Scott and I had never met through the years.  God had it all planned out for days like this...when my daughter is opening a present from the precious woman who offered our family weekend retreats to get away from the constant chemo & trips to the oncologist that we endured most of my middle & high school years.  I never would've believe it if someone had told me.  God writes the most beautiful stories.

Our little matching cousins!  So funny that they all ended up wearing last years Christmas design to this year's party!  They loved it!

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