Thursday, October 26, 2017

{Panda turns 5!!!!}

Our sweet sissy turned a WHOLE HAND!!!  She is all into princesses these days so we had a Princess Pumpkin Party complete with girly blingy jewelry box crafts & all things gold & glitzy!

This past year our little Panda Princess has made tremendous strides in her growth & development.  She's jumped a couple curves and has made it on the growth chart for the first time since we got her!  Her surgeon told us to expect great growth and he was right! She's gone from 2s to 4s and that foot of hers has taken off!  Good thing I've kept most of her stuff though because she'll have big news to share soon! :)

For her party, we had a Chili Bar and enjoyed S'mores by the bonfire outside.  We kept it simple and just invited a few of her best buddies...and some family, of course!

Her favorite things are Moana and play fishing with her brothers.  At 5, she is wearing a size 4 dress and size 11 shoes.  She's 39 inches tall and weighs 33 pounds. She's completely potty trained this summer and can even stay dry during her naps...and sometimes at night!  A huge accomplishment for a tiny girl who had a big blockage in her spine this time last year! She's obsessed with her one and only Under Armor t-shirt and any boots she can squeeze her feet into.  She loves to play with her baby dolls and just recently discovered Pocahontas and thinks they are twins.  She's talking nonstop now and has quite an opinion.  She loves singing with Mommy at night and has the sweetest obsession with the Moon and her Jesus who put it there. She'll put the boys in their place and hold her own in a skinny minute.  Her health is a gift from God and we praise Him every day for the miracle that she is!  Five is looking fun, sweet girl, and we are truly the lucky ones who get to watch you bloom!!!

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