Friday, October 06, 2017

{Anything your heart desires...}

A couple of weeks ago, I was told that my darling baby girl was nominated for Make A Wish.  I knew some paperwork still needed to be completed...her pediatrician filled out at least 3 forms over the course of a couple of months...and, that once they received that final verification form, they would decide if she is eligible.  Eligible.  Eligible for something that is in the same breath both so beautiful and so heartbreaking.  To receive a wish, the child has to have a medical condition that is life-threatening.  Not something I ever would want for my child...and something that we've faced now twice.  The thing is...our baby girl qualifies not just because of one condition...but two.  Her brain condition and her genetic syndrome are two totally separate diagnoses...neither typically going with the other.  And they both make her...eligible.  So her physician called to give me a heads up and let me know exactly what he has said...knowing that I am well aware of reality and possibilities and what ifs...and also sharing with me that he doesn't know another child more deserving of this incredible gift because of all she has endured...and all that she will.  And then just a couple days later...a letter in the mail from Make a Wish welcoming our family into this amazing organization and explaining this process that will give our girl anything her heart desires.

Although she doesn't entirely understand it all...she wishes to meet Belle and be a princess and pet I'm thinking something along the lines of Disney princesses and maybe Sea World...or a Disney Cruise...or whatever it is she decides to make a wish for!  I'm just thankful I have some time to wrap my head and heart around it's surely made me weepy the past few days.

And then, as though she just somehow knew, she came prancing down the stairs in Tinkerbell...a costume that I've put away several times over the years but that she just continues to pull out at exactly the right times.  A costume given to us by Princess Lindsay's momma after Lindsay went to Heaven and was given a princess gown greater than anything our eyes or minds can fathom here.  And, my girl wears it today of all days.  So, of and sharing them immediately via text to Lindsay's mom...and more tears.

Oh what a gift it is to mother this child...truly a child of my heart...and I'm learning that it's our heart connection that matters more than anything...with both her and those with whom I share DNA.  Pouring into them is all that matters in this season we are in...and making wishes...and celebrating every moment.

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Anonymous said...

This post made me cry snot bubbles on so many levels. You have such a special gift of writing. When you add that to your faith and love for your family, it becomes such a love story. I have enjoyed reading your blog and watching your family grow. What a God thing to have connected you and Suzie through Annabelle and Lindsay. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life.
Love, Alison Lee