Monday, September 04, 2017

{Labor Day Parade 2017}

Our little {but quickly growing} lake town puts on a fun Labor Day Parade known for lots of political figures, local sports teams and a good ole' fight for the best float between the two Mexican restaurants in town.  Little Spanish girls in full traditional attire, mariachi bands and t-shirt competitions were in full swing this year...neither shirt did we care to catch although a friend with us did end up with what I guess would be the better of the two..."Make Tequila Great Again" opposed to "WTF...Where's the Fajitas?"  {insert big eyed emoji here because it was a bit shocking for our little town}

We had some sweet lifelong friends join us with a few of their family and friends...and took our nephew, JJ, to give his mama and daddy some alone time with baby Jayne.  Such fun memories each year!

 We tried to reenact a similar photo from 3 years ago with these two sitting together.  Panda was just a tiny thing and Kate only 3...they are such precious girls!  It's so fun watching them become friends like her mama and I have been for nearly 27 years. 

The Boys!

My Little Labor Day Parade STAR!

It was super fun to catch the shirts...until we opened it up! Oops! Brady didn't know what tequila was and wasn't exactly thrilled when his mom told him.  Thankfully, he got a cool BiLo hat later on! 

Our favorite camel, Abraham...he comes to our church for the kids Christmas program!

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