Wednesday, June 07, 2017


We had a busy morning the other day with all the wildlife in our yard {keeping in mind that our yard is about a 4 acre pasture}.  In the little time that we've lived here, we have spotted many deer, coyote, red fox, raccoons, opossums, turtles galore and an elegant heron that frequents our pond on a regular basis.  We were a bit surprised that we still hadn't seen a there were 6 fat copperheads killed in the initial bush-hogging of our fields.  Leave it to me {the paranoid snake lady} to be the first to spot one.  The most surprising thing was probably that I was actually happy to see a well fed black snake cruising along our cedar tree fence line than one with Hershey kisses on it's side.  We watched as it made it's way across the yard all the while being tormented by birds who were clearly trying to discourage the 5 foot long guy from going in the direction of their home.  And, once we thought the morning couldn't get any more interesting, a wild turkey {hen} came strolling right through the middle of the field booking it right out the driveway.  :)  Never a dull moment around here! 

The unexpected blessing in all of it is that the boys have been much more inclined to close the garage door this week!  So, thank you Mr. Snake!

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