Sunday, May 14, 2017

{Mother's Day}

I recently heard a wonderful sermon by JD Greear.  In it he said that "joy and sorrow can co-exist".  The term I've used many times over has been bittersweet...but somehow that still doesn't seem to come close to my heart.  Pastor JD's words hit the nail on the head for me though...because the place that He has us and has brought us to is exactly the place where joy and sorrow co-exist.   Mother's Day just seems to amplify those two emotions so much more though.  I am not a fan of big restaurant Mother's Day luncheons where the crowds are boisterous and thankful...not that I'm's just that that the sorrow is still there...even when the joy is, too.  So, we kept the day beautifully and lunch at home...where my boys cooked for us.  Then, after a good long Sunday nap, we headed out to visit our first babydoll and have a kid-friendly yogurt date.  It was divine...we topped it off with a golf cart ride around our little semi-neighborhood to visit the goats and breathe fresh air.  And in the midst of all of it, AG somehow knew that this day was harder for me than most and clung tightly wanting in my arms much more than normal these days. It was lovely...

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