Saturday, April 22, 2017

{Mission Accomplished}

Another night at the Fireflies ballpark & this time meeting Tim Tebow!  Luke was over the moon and Panda now has a new crush.  She almost jumped into his arms and was all smiles.  {And, as much as we wish Bubba would've been with us, he was away on a special trip with Grandaddy golfing in the mountains.}  I have to say that Timmy was most gracious...listening to me babble about how nice it is to have such an honorable hero in the homeschool community for my boys to look up to.  And about how his sweet momma encouraged me so much early in our homeschooling journey...even writing me a personal note about the beauty of being stretched beyond my own limits...learning more and more dependence on Christ as we move from year to year.  He took right to Panda...coming to her as soon as we walked out of the dugout and, as he was moving to the next adoring fan, coming back to us for a photo.  Totally impressed.  Hoping we can make another game while he's still playing here and let Bubba have this opportunity, too. 

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