Saturday, April 15, 2017

{Bunny Brunch & Egg Hunt}

We decided that since we moved in, that we wanted to have a family fun event as a way to have family and friends over to see the house.  Sortof a housewarming party but more to create memories for the kids.  So, since it's taken a bit to get somewhat settled we thought Easter would be the perfect time.  The weather was 82 and sunny...and absolute dream...which was such a gift because I didn't have a backup plan! ;)

We ended up scaling back our guest list quite a bit but definitely want to double the size or more for next year!  It was so much fun!  Yes, a bit of work on our behalf but so worth it. 

We ate first and then did an egg hunt for the little kids and then one for the big kids all in the front field.  I had put scripture in a few of the big kids eggs to have them turn in to receive their portion of the Resurrection Story to read for everyone afterwards.  The kids did an awesome job!  Of course, everyone visited a little longer and very quickly a game of baseball was formed in the field.  :)  I had put together of fun egg crafts on the big outdoor farmtable but totally forgot it was even there so my kids have enjoyed making them.  oops!  :)

This is definitely a tradition we hope to continue! 

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