Friday, April 28, 2017

{And, just like that, my baby is a TEENAGER!}

Our tender-hearted teenager had the day all of his choosing...he played golf with one of his best buds and then fished a bit and then requested his favorite meal at home {BBQ, rice, mac & cheese, baked beans & deviled eggs}.  I just love that out of everything he could've done for his big day he just wanted to be home and with his family.  We enjoyed dinner & followed it up with cupcakes and ice cream.  We stayed up visiting until he was officially 13 at 8:39pm and kissed and tickled him to pieces.  He's always been an old soul, much like his father, and is wise beyond his 13 years.  Having experienced such grief as a young child and then all that comes with adopting a special needs sibling, he has truly matured in such pure and noble character.  We talk about everything and I pray it always stays that way.  He is diligent and kind...sensitive and strong... patient and compassionate.  He has welcomed each sibling into our family with joy and love and is the main reason we even decided to try for our Bear...begging for another baby to adore and lead as big brother.  His heart changes mine and teaches me daily and it is a gift to watch him grow.  There may have been tears leading up to this milestone but only smiles as we ushered it in...knowing fully the blessing we have in raising Wyatt. 
I do believe my favorite moment of the day came after dinner as we were all sitting around chatting and Wyatt told us that he had a butterfly follow him for 3 holes as he played golf earlier.  The butterfly landed on his hat and hand at one point and continued to make he and his buddy giggle as they went along.  A tender gift of grace directly from the Creator who knows my boy so well and knew exactly how to bring him comfort and joy on such a special day!
All the cuddles forever for you, my precious baby you'll always be.

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