Wednesday, February 15, 2017

{Bubba Makes B-team!}

It was only a matter of time, I suppose!  My biggest baby boy made b-team baseball as a 7th grader!  There are 23 boys on the team (comprised of both 7th & 8th graders) but only 6 are 7th graders...and he's one of them!  We could not be more proud of his hard work and determination to make this team.

I have to admit that the try-out process was quite nerve-wracking for this momma!  The coach encouraged those wanting to try-out to condition/practice together for a few weeks prior to try-outs...mostly for him to see what he has to choose from and how coachable the kids are.  So, Bubba did that for most of December & January with a couple weeks break before the try-outs actually began a few weeks ago.  The total try-outs took about 2 weeks of practice every single night...and about 3 cuts in all before the final team was chosen.  The nights that we knew they were making a cut meant that I lit up my husband's phone with texts wanting to know what was happening.  I'm pretty sure I was more nervous than anyone else! ;)

As homeschoolers, we have long considered this day...and are fortunate enough to have an outstanding homeschool league program nearby as well.  After ultimately allowing him to decide, he chose to try out for the local public school team.  It makes perfect sense though as many of the boys he's playing with now are guys that he has played rec ball and travel ball and All-stars with in the past.  It's also his daddy's alma mater and where he pitched as well.  And...having such an incredible dad, I can definitely understand why he'd want to follow his footsteps.  I am surely not complaining about a short drive to the field either! 

He's already had a scrimmage and got some playing time at 1st and a good at bat, too!  We are thankful for this opportunity for him to grow in the game he loves and continue to hone in on his skills for a sport that keeps getting more competitive by the day.  It's truly a blessing that we are very thankful for in this season! 

Congrats, Bub...we are always your biggest cheerleaders on and off the field and know God has great big plans for your life!  Stay humble & work hard...and always glorify God!

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