Saturday, January 28, 2017

{Happy Birthday, Annabelle!}

It was only appropriate that the first birthday we celebrate in our new home is for our girl in Heaven!  So hard to believe that she would be 9 already...we've learned over the years how to celebrate well this special day...even without her present with us in body.  We had cupcakes for breakfast and took our lovely time making our way to Charleston for the rest of a long, full day.  We enjoyed brunch at Page's Okra Grill and shopping on Mt. Pleasant.  Then, we headed into the Holy City for cupcakes at The Battery and a horse drawn carriage tour...and wrapped it all up with pralines!  Finally, we made it to MUSC to deliver Annabelle Baskets just before dinner time...and time to head back home.  As we were leaving, I grabbed Scott's hand and said, "Now, that was a good day!".  Eternally thankful that we have a reason and a hope in the midst of such deep grief...and can show our other three little loves what it is to live life abundantly...because Annabelle surely did just that!

Happiest Birthday in Heaven, baby are loved and missed immeasurably.


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