Friday, December 09, 2016

{Mercy Meadow: Siding, Paint & Light}

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12

In just a matter of a few days, our house began looking like a home!  It's incredible what a little paint on the walls, finished siding/gutters/screened porch & lighting will do!

In reality, most of our floors are done also...but we still have carpet to go in the bedrooms next week so they get their own post.  :)

Cabinet boxes have already been put in place as well...and we are loving them!  Apparently, the doors and drawers won't go in until after the trim is finished (still have around the hardwoods and tile to go) so that they don't get nicked.  As much as I am ready to see them, I'm perfectly content waiting if that means they are spotless!

This morning, our cabinets were measured for all the countertops and those should be in place next week as well. 

It's so fun to see something new each day taking place.  This is certainly the stage where it changes so quickly and truly becomes real!

For our siding, we chose to use vinyl board & batten and vinyl cedar shake...both in snow white.  We wanted low maintenance and cost efficient...and liked that vinyl offers us both.  The siding guys were a bit s-l-o-w but they are perfectionists and did a beautiful job.  We had them also do our screened porch {which can be seen from the back of the home photo} and our gutters. We wanted a look that was reminiscent of an old coastal farmhouse...and think we've come pretty close! 

The paint is super simple and soothing.  Lots of white and gray and a touch of soft greenish-blue.  We actually love the SW Sea Salt color so much that we have decided to use it on the front door and shutters, too!

My goodness, lighting!!!  I never truly understood just how time consuming it is to wire a home!  WHEW!  It's taken them over a week so far...and still have a few more to hang once I finalize my island location & built in sconces next week.  I have to admit that it's been really nice getting rid of some of the boxes in this tiny apartment though!  I think that aside from paint colors, lighting has to be the hardest part of this process.  I chose all the fixtures myself...and have been shopping for months!  I think that the right light goes a long way and have enjoyed getting to customize our home even more with fun and very Southern choices.  We used lots of lanterns...and the dining lantern chandy that will go in next week is probably my favorite light ever.  It was a special birthday gift...and my birthday was in June! ha!  So, I'm super excited to see it up! 

Carriage barn lights by the garage!

We put sconces all around the great room to add light in that high ceiling room!  Just a fan above though so no bulbs need replacing! ;)

The beaded glass could be my favorite part of these lanterns! So classic!

The fan in the great room and one of the beautiful beams our finishing guy put in. 

A fun pendant in the master bathroom! It was initially intended for the mud room but our electrician put a can light in there (oops!) and I just went with it so we found it a new home.  :)

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