Thursday, December 29, 2016

{iPhone Christmas}

Such as life these days...most of the moments are captured with my phone and the big camera is left at home.  I have a deep desire to be more intentional and purposeful with my time and to actually remember moments rather than be busy trying to get just the right shot.  So, the iPhone to the rescue! ;) 

We have a fun Christmas season filled with friends and a fun night with Scott's work folks.  The kids were a little baffled at the "fancy food" but managed quite well...even if AG did pick up an entire piece of pecan pie and shove it right into her mouth! ha!  Bear was a bit confused by all forks and didn't understand why he had to have a stemmed glass.  Thankfully, the folks there were just as country as my crew and everyone enjoyed themselves!

And since we have the majority of our belongings in boxes right now, the only Christmas d├ęcor that was not in storage was our Nativity.  It was lovely to have such a simple Christmas...focusing on the only One that matters.  We spent time with family and enjoyed worship both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  I pray that we can take all these lessons in simplicity with us forward into our new home.  There's something so freeing with living with less that allows us to really focus on our hearts more than our stuff...and it's taught us a lot in this season.  I had really hoped we would be settled in our home by the holidays...but I think God taught me far more living in a cramped little apartment than I'd ever garner any other way.  For that, I am so thankful!

That year our stockings were in storage so I purchased 3 for 50 cents a piece and told the kids to write their names on them...and the Panda writes something that looks like Chinese pinyin!  It was quite surprising for all of us! 

Thankful for this sweet friendship...and the ones their brothers share, too!  AG loves her Mia!

 Christmas Eve service with Grandaddy!  Next year, he'll be retired and can sit with us for the first time in my life!!!

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