Tuesday, November 22, 2016

{MRI Results}

Her MRI revealed that her chiari & CSF flow is beautiful! She has so much more space in there now for the fluid to move around that seeing the side to side images of the MRI from July compared to the MRI from last week is astounding!

The blockage {syrinx} in her spine that had tripled in size from April-July is rapidly decreasing to the point that it is smaller now than it was when we first saw it in April. That, in and of itself, is proof that the surgery was well warranted...something I needed to know as I've heard many who have had this procedure and not seen these benefits. 

Her surgeon suggested another MRI in ONE YEAR {and I apparently looked quite shocked over that news so he reminded me that he is always a simple call or email away...whew!}.

We are so proud of this sweet girl and how incredible she has done throughout this crazy, big surgery.  She's definitely had moments of regression but she is some kind of brave...and I made sure to have her in the PERFECT shirt for her MRI...so every single person that saw her sound asleep while she was in their care...and when her surgeon walked in the room with amazing news...all would know that GOD MADE HER BRAVE!

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