Saturday, September 17, 2016

{A Visitor to Mercy Meadow}

With absolutely not a thing {besides our pink crepe myrtle} planted at the land yet, we somehow still have an abundance of butterflies.  They love the dove field...and the front field...and the pond...and even the wood piles that are cluttering our beautiful property up a bit these days.  I rarely have my good camera out there but did as we were leaving yesterday...and snatched it up to try to get this little visitor that escorted us down the entire driveway...

There are many things that I miss from our old home...especially being able to stand in a certain place and recall moments of having my second born in that exact space.  The temporary living is void of any photos as I've refused to hang a thing until we are "home" again...but there's one sacred painting of my first girl that does lean against the wall in our bedroom.  So, the space we reside at this moment is more barren of those memories than I'd like...even if the memories are in photo...

...and then we head to the place that He's given where our family has already built some of the sweetest memories over the past year...and He makes His presence known there just like this...with the one beautiful little creature that He knows brings us peace and comfort and joy and reminds us of the miraculous healing He gave her as He made her new. 

And, He's making us new again, too.  A new home...a new season to serve and grow and glorify.  

We may be waiting and longing and filled with expectation that is painful many days...but He's the life-giver, the joy-maker, the we know our wait is not in vain. 

And He gives us these little visitors to remind us of just that.

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