Friday, July 29, 2016

{Mercy Meadow: Brick Foundation & Piers}

"God's solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: 'The Lord knows those who are His.'" 2 Timothy 2:19

It's taken about two weeks but our foundation is finally done!  The masons do both the brick and put up the concrete block as they go so that they are done and don't have to come back later on to add the brick.  So, it's a bit more time consuming but I think it'll be worth it to not have their mess again! ;)

I love how our brick is turning out!  We are going very lowcountry farmhouse so I chose a tumbled brick that has red undertones and is very weathered.  It will change over time a bit, too!  Just taking the wide brush over it changes it a bit so that we can get exactly the look we want. We also decided to use white sand in the mortar mix so that it has a lighter look also...similar to the oyster shell mortar you see on the streets of Charleston. 

It's so incredible to finally see it starting to come together!  I am not a good visualizer and seeing your home on paper in one dimension is so hard for me to imagine any other way.  Thank goodness my husband can help me there!  It is so fun to finally stand in the kitchen area and think "this is the kitchen"!  For the past year, we have dreamt about what this would look like...where it was be placed...and it has just always seemed too surreal to be reality.  So, to stand there with my hand on the foundation of our home is truly a gift.

Now...slowly...our dreams are turning into something so much better...the memories we will make here...the meals that will be shared... and the lives touched by being in this space He's given.  We dream of throwing open the doors from the great room onto the large screened in porch and letting Him breathe over us through the breeze...of welcoming friends and family on the front porch and rocking the night away as we watch the kids play in the front field.  Oh how thankful we are for this blessing...I pray it's never taken for granted...and that we always reflect the One who has given it.

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