Thursday, June 23, 2016


Bubba was selected for the All-Star team for his rec ball league.  Life has been busy with nightly practices, taking turns with who is taking him to ball and which parent is feeding/bathing/doing bedtime with the littles...and squeezing in some other summer fun in earlier in the day, too. 

Their team had a great run and Bubba played very well.  He was solid on the mound and had some impressive hits, too.  Panda kept busy eating boiled peanuts {our family favorite} and drawing in the sand.  Bear is the best bat boy that there ever was for Bubba's travel team but the league rules don't allow a bat boy for this so he hung out playing wall ball and playing catch.  We are so thankful for such a strong family support system that comes to cheer on Bubba and helps with the littles some too so mama can take some pictures and actually watch a little of the game.  :)

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