Saturday, April 09, 2016

{Field of Dreams}

My darling baby girl and I spent the morning at the land together...picking wildflowers and jumping a bit.  It won't be long before this place is one big construction site so we are savoring every beautiful moment we get before the real work begins and are so thankful that we have been allowed this place to call our own. 
As hard as our move has been from our previous home, it's been such a gift that God led us to this land last year where we could begin to create memories and build our future.  We have all spent countless hours playing, working and dreaming in this field and it's given us a bit of ease to know a piece of God's plan for us here during this transition.  We have visions of a simple white farmhouse...that lends its hand at welcoming many between its walls as He sees fit.  This place causes time to slow down and simplify...and offers mercy and retreat to its guests.  It quiets the soul and whispers hope in every breeze.  The cedar trees remind us of God's faithfulness and that He hears every prayer we've ever spoken...regardless of how simple and how long ago. Only ten minutes further down the road from where we spent 10 glorious and bittersweet years, He was preparing these 10 acres for us...and, if I've learned nothing else from this journey He has us on, His timing is always, always perfect.

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