Sunday, March 27, 2016

{Resurrection Day & 8 years in Heaven...}

As much as I would prefer to just sleep the day away when it comes to March 27th, this year I had my favorite 6 year old in my bed by 6:30 begging to see what the Easter Bunny brought.  And...because His tomb is empty, I know that my daughter's is also.  So...we rejoice through the tears...and practice what we preach.  Hope.  Joy.  And peace that is far beyond any understanding.

A lazy morning and then a family picnic at the land complete with Grandaddy's Infamous Egg Hunt...perfection!


Auntie Mip said...

Your older guy grows more handsome every day. He is looking more young man than young boy as well. Curse you hands of time ;) I would love to hear more about the land and plans, if that is not too presumptuous or personal.

Sweet thoughts of your first this case the hands of time are in your favor!

The B Family said...

Auntie Mip~ I know! He's growing up too quickly and we couldn't be more proud of the young man he is becoming. But, it would most definitely be nice for time to slow down a bit! ;)

The land is a big ole' incredible God story! 10 gorgeous acres of one time cattle pasture that the Lord somehow saw fit to allow us to have for pennies on the dollar of what land is going for these days. We just shake our heads and how it all happened so beautifully...and how it's ours. Everyone from the attorney at closing to folks who find out about it now always ask if it was some family deal since it's just too good to be true. But, it's an answer to prayer and a whisper from God every single time we are there that He hears me...Scott and I have looked for 10 years for land and he always wants privacy which tends to come with a lot of woods and I wanted fields. Well, it's both perfectly wrapped into one...5 acres of open fields and 5 acres of cushioned privacy in the form of mature hardwoods. We are planning to build a simple farmhouse the final stages of choosing our builder now...but wanted to sell our former home first. And, it sold in only 3 weeks on the market! So, we are renting temporarily and spending a lot of time at the land we have named Mercy Meadow. I'll be sure to share more as we progress! Thank you for asking!