Friday, November 27, 2015

{Bubba's 1st Buck}

These boys have really taken to hunting more and more this year.  They've seen their fair share of does and turkeys...and even had one monster buck they named "Smokey" get away.  But, the night before Thanksgiving Bubba and his Daddy decided to walk next door and sit in our neighbor's stand that he's allowed them to use since he's already gotten a few does out of it and isn't using it much.  We've been seeing a lot of deer lately and I even spotted this buck twice.  S & W made a deal of who would shot which direction if anything came out....and this buck was exactly in the spot Bubba needed him to stand to take the shot.  One shot and done! 
The littles and myself heard the shot and waited hoping that they got something since we have a pretty empty freezer waiting!  I gave them a few minutes and we called and then loaded up and hurried over to see and congratulate him! 
Bubba couldn't stop grinning ear to ear!  I just adore that this is such a special hobby that my boys and their daddy can do together. 
Soon we'll have some deer sausage and ground venison and tenderloin and jerky!!! And Bubba will have a rack to hang up remembering his first buck!

His first buck was a beautiful calico weighing 101 pounds and 7 points! A memory he'll never forget....

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The Price Family said...

AWESOME buck!!!! My guys hunt on our land behind our house, there is nothing like hearing the shot and hoping they got it. My 10 year old shot at a nice doe Thanksgiving morning, but shot to low. :( He was so disappointed.