Friday, November 20, 2015

{Arrows Thanksgiving Program}

It's such a joy to have such an incredible homeschooling academy!  The boys go two days a week for instruction and have met some of the best friends possible there.  This year, Wyatt was able to select two electives to take and one of those he chose was worship.  He led the praise team {of all girls, nonetheless} in "Stronger" by Hillsong.  He was a bundle of nerves all day but shared the best comment with me as soon as he finished.  He sat down next to me and said "Mom, that was so cool.  Once I started the nerves just went away and I had this peace."  Another reminder that we truly are created for worship.
Luke's class had a precious little song about being thankful that was just adorable to watch...especially when they gave thanks for their noses and sniffed.  :)  He also had some artwork on display during dinner.  He was so funny thinking that we were going to have to buy his art...his first comment was "did you bring your checkbook?"  Ha!  We were thankful to take it home at the end of the evening...for free! ;)

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