Sunday, October 25, 2015

{AG turns THREE! : Party Time!}

Before the surprise guest arrived, we kept the kids busy playing in the yard and making their snowmen.  The girls also decorated masks and tiaras.  We went ahead and did the cake, too!  I have had to try my hand at more things that are out of my comfort zone with having two gluten free kids in the house.  So, since I couldn't find a bakery that was gluten free...I whipped up my own thanks to pinterest.  ;)

Every single thing at both AG's and Luke's parties has been GF.  It's really not been that hard to convert to and I think we are all better off for excluding it from our diet.  My big boys will still eat gluten on occasion but we don't have it in the house anymore at all.  AG's skin condition is healing beautifully since making the change and the improvements in Luke's health are countless it's been so beneficial!  :)  And, they really like the fact that sugar is still very much allowed.  ha!

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