Friday, September 25, 2015

{Bear Breaks a Bone...or 2!}

Sweet Bear wins the trophy for the first broken bone in our family.  He has a tib-fib fracture on his right leg. We are roughing it through 6-8 weeks of casts and boots and crutches.  In reality though, he is scooting and crawling and hopping just about everywhere.  He still seems to be a good bit gun shy on wanting to walk on it. He's so brave and handling this so much better than I would.  It's a hard life though for a kid whose accustomed to always being so busy.  We are praying his little bones come together quickly and stronger than they were.  He's ready to run again!

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The Price Family said...

Oh no Bless his heart!!! I pray you are all safe from the floods. We received a lot of rain but nothing like you guys and Columbia.