Wednesday, August 19, 2015

{School Days are Here Again!}

We are back at it!  Homeschooling a middle schooler (6th grade!!!), kindergartener and my little pre-K cray-cray!  It's FUN around here...and I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything else in this world!  These moments with my babes are the BEST!

Yesterday, the bigger two began their homeschool academy that they attend two days a week.  It's been a tremendous blessing in our schooling adventure.  I have always said that I just take one year at a time and can't commit to any more than that.  Well, here we are going into our 7th year...and I know that a huge part of that is because we have such an incredible community through that academy.  Plus, the kids get excellent supplemental courses, labs and electives that I just am not gifted to teach.  It's a fun two days for them and for me and little sissy to get some one-on-one time! 


These photos of Miss Priss just amaze me!  Last year on their first day of academy, she pitched an all out fit.  She didn't understand me leaving them in an institutional setting and was very bothered by it.  I know it must have stirred up some fears from her past.  Well, isn't it AMAZING what love does!?!?  This year, she happily hugged them bye and was ready for some fun time together until we picked them up that afternoon! She knows that we come back....and always will!

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