Saturday, February 14, 2015

{Happy Heart Day}

Valentine's means so much more to our family than just a box of chocolates and extra "I love yous".  We are a very affectionate family so hugs and kisses and other special ways of letting our little tribe know the deep love we have for one another happens it should. 

The kids still wake up to Valentine's bags with a few sugary treats {and semi-educational book in there for good measure}!  We had heart shaped biscuits and homemade cards at breakfast.  An extra favorite meal was in order for dinner complete with a made-from-scratch chocolate chip bundt cake with cream cheese glaze.  So, yep...I guess we do celebrate all the love stuff, too...but our focus is never far off from the real heart heros in our lives. 

Valentine's Day is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day...and February just happens to also be Noonan Syndrome Awareness Month....SO...a little photo shoot of our 4th sweet love {and 2nd heart baby} was in store.  ;)

There were some cute ones of her very much giving me the fake smile but these are real life.  It was too cold for my liking outside and her Bear had just taught her how to work a matching game.  ;) 
Happy Heart Day!

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