Wednesday, February 04, 2015

{Bear Has Surgery}

It was bound to happen!  Poor baby Bear struggles with asthma and allergies and some pretty bad sleep apnea...along with chronic sinusitis.  Blah! 
A classic tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy was ordered.  He's such a brave boy! 


He did so well before surgery!  We kept him busy with toys and superhero fights!  Baby Sis only needed the Frozen Sing-a-long on repeat 500,000 times and she was golden. ;)
Bear did perfectly during the procedure and came out of it beautifully!  I was the lucky one that he chose to be by his side in recovery.  As soon as I walked in, I noticed a special painting hanging beside his bed. White butterfly and all.  That was a beautiful little God wink in the midst of a hard hard week.
We headed to his room within an hour of recovery and he began pounding popsicles and begging the doctor for a donut.  Seriously. 

And he got it...and ate TWO of them!

Grandaddy pulled a few strings and made sure that Bear and his sweet cousin JJ were in rooms right beside each other.  But, then we got great news that JJ was being discharged so we only had part of the day with them as our neighbors...we'd much rather them be home anyways! 
My sweet sister and her husband made sure that JJ made a stop to see Bear on the way out though...

We are so thankful that Bear has done so well.  Right now, we are waiting on being discharged after a pretty good night's rest {by hospital standards at least} and downing some breakfast. 
We would appreciate your prayers for Bear's recovery...but also please lift this precious one to the Lord for healing.  We aren't quite sure what's going on just yet but lots of tests are being run and we are praying for clear answers.  We know sweet JJ is fearfully and wonderfully made and that whatever the results tell us...he is perfect!!! He has the brightest blue eyes and sweetest little dimples when he smiles.  He's pure joy and we are bravely petitioning the Great Physician for healing in his beautiful body here.  Thank you, friends!

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