Wednesday, September 24, 2014

{7 months with our Ladybug!}

Precious girl,

You have been in your family for 7 whole months!  My how time flies! You've quickly found your perfect little place and have us all wrapped. 

You've grown a little bit more and are now just at 22 pounds and 31 inches short.  ;)

Your hair is growing and you love to have your little piggies painted.

You are a signing machine and pick up very quickly.  You're also starting to say a few more English words like "up"!  Your favorite place in in mama's arms.

We are busy planning your 2nd birthday party and honoring your beautiful heritage.  You are going to love being the center of even more attention!  You soak it up and smile the entire time.  You are quite a social butterfly, my dear. 

You are trusting us more and more each day.  You'll quickly let others know that you only want your mama and have starting showing signs that the glorious age of 2 is going to be quite busy.  You keep us all on our toes!

You love playing with Lulu and getting your way with Bubba.  Your daddy is your hero and your favorite tickler.  You love a good long bath and strumming air guitar.  You haul baseballs and racecars in your pocketbook.  And your favorite part of dinnertime is getting a wipe at the end to clean your tray, wipe your face and blow your nose.  It's truly the cutest thing ever!

We are truly the lucky ones...and thankful that God chose us for you.

Happy 7 months of forever, Panda Face! 

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