Thursday, July 24, 2014

{Five Months of Forever}

It's so hard to believe that five months ago today this scared but oh so brave baby girl came into our lives...
She's changing and growing and amazing us more and more each and every day.  She's spunky and smart and starting to talk a little bit more.  She copied her daddy just this morning and learned "knock, knock".  It's the cutest thing ever! 
She loves to read and will plop right down in your lap with her favorite book of the hour for you to read as she hastily turns the pages.  {She'll also lay down just about anywhere and entertain herself, too!}
She's into absolutely everything and does not stop!  She's the best little cleaner upper and will throw just about anything in the trash {much to her mother's delight}. 
She hasn't grown much in size this last month and is still pretty much in 12-18 month clothes.  We figure she probably caught up and is hanging steady now that her nutrition is stable.  We think she'll be a petite little thing and daddy has hopes of gymnastics in her future as he already has her cutting flips pretty well!

She's cut one more tooth in the last few weeks and loves to show them off now when she smiles! She has also gotten much more comfortable with having her teeth brushed...especially when you sing the "This is the way we brush our teeth" song that we made up!

{She's also loves "This Little Light of Mine" and will promptly show you her little pointer finger & begin waving it around the moment you start singing!}

Our hearts and full with our Andie-Grace in them!  She's the fourth little love we never knew we needed but are oh so glad HE did!!!

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