Saturday, May 24, 2014

{3 Months of Forever}

My sassy, spicy girl~  You've been in our arms for three months!!!  As hard and painful as it is to parent a child with such a broken past, it's also the most rewarding and glorious thing we've ever done.  Moments and milestones mean so much more with you, love.  We are all learning as we go and praying each step of the journey.  God is so good to us and you are living proof!!!

Here's a bit about what you're up to these days:

~You are around 21 pounds (maybe more but we haven't weighed you in a couple of weeks). 
~You eat absolutely anything and use your sign language to tell us that you want to eat. All.The.Time!
~You wear size 12 months clothes and a size 3 shoe {barely}
~You love to swing and swim in the pool and have some new sensory boxes that you adore!  Luke loves to help you play with them, too.  :)
~You are walking all over the place.  You are much better off barefoot but wear your shoes when we are out {most of the time}.  You are your mother's child and would rather just be barefoot though.
~You had your first big boo-boo last week when you were following me in the house and tripped and fell into the wall leaving a nasty bump on your head.  Believe it or not, the ice that I put on it was the most traumatizing part.  You are rough and tumble and stand your own!
~You can say "mama" and "dada" and "more"...and I think that's about all you'll ever need to know.  ;)
~You are doing a lot of sign language these days and can sign hey, bye, more, eat, cup, all done, please and thank you.
~You've gotten a ton of teeth in...finally!  Your molars have all come through and you quickly went from 4 teeth to 12!  Good nutrition works wonders!
~Music is in your blood.  You love to listen to the radio {which works out nicely as we keep it on all the time} and will raise your hands in praise often.  Brings big smiles and tears to your momma's face to see you learning to worship the One who formed you!
~You love being the center of attention and make sure of it one way or the other. 
~You have your big brothers wrapped around your pinky.  You wish is their command.  :)

God is working big on you, Andie-Grace, and we are beyond blessed to witness the miracle!


Anonymous said...

So cute of her! I was wondering- if she is wearing outfits that were for Annabelle? That must be bitter sweet for you as the mother of these two precious baby girls. Love reading about how well Andie-Grace is doing.

Jennifer Waldrop

The B Family said...

She does wear some of her big sisters clothes. :) but, just the things Annabelle never wore. It's bittersweet but mostly sweet...I love how God has orchestrated this all from the beginning and weaving my two girls' stories togetherđź’—

Anonymous said...

Your comment just makes me smile. Their sweet lives are entwined through his love and all of yours. I have followed your blog since before your Annabelle was born. I know your journey has been painful and joyful. So glad you have chosen to spread God's love through your blog.