Sunday, April 20, 2014

{Easter Morning}

We don't believe in the imaginative Easter Bunny but we still do baskets for our babes from long as they can first tell us the real reason we celebrate this beautiful day!  We give because He gave His life for us!  Both the boys enjoyed a reading of the real Easter Story the night before and we observed Good Friday with reading about the Crucifixion and painting red "holes" on our hands with our names written across it...a tangible way for them to remember that Jesus died to save us.  My red hole slowly faded in the palm of my hand over the next two days....reminding me each time I saw it of the sacrifice that was made for me to be forgiven and free...and, ultimately, to spend Eternity in Heaven.  So thankful to share a beautiful morning with three of my four this year...blessed indeed!

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