Sunday, April 06, 2014


We decided before we left for China that we wanted to have Andie-Grace's baby dedication already on the books at our church.  I looked over the calendar for a good date...about a month after we were home and settled a bit...and knew that April 6th would be perfect!  My daddy's daddy {my Papa Cole} was born on that day and, although he is no longer with us, I have to think he'd be pretty happy seeing his great granddaughter from China being publicly dedicated to the Lord on his birthday.  This is also one of those special occasions when it's nice to have a daddy for a pastor.  He dedicated both the boys and wasn't going to miss the chance to dedicate his little China doll! 

Andie-Grace wore a smocked dress with pink crossess on it that will forever hold a precious place in my own heart along with her new pearl necklace that has a cross on it from Mrs. Bettie & Mary Anne and her pearl bracelet from China.  She was dancing on the floor the song before we went up for the dedication and was as happy and busy as she could be the entire time up there.  She patted her biggest brother on the cheeks and kept lifting up her dress to find her feet.  The band played "This is Amazing Grace" and "The Glory is Yours"...which are two of our favorites around here!  It was such a special morning! 

We were so blessed to be surrounded by family for the day and even enjoyed an Asian themed lunch date with everyone at Miyo's {which happens to be the restaurant where we celebrated a few big milestones in our adoption process}.   I took a few pictures of Miss Priss the day before when we were trying things on...and the rest of the photos were from Sunday.  :)

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