Monday, March 24, 2014

{One Month in Our Arms}

Since there is so much that we've missed with our 4th sweet love, I thought I'd do something a little similar to what I did with the boys as they were growing in their first year.  I can't wait to look back on this and see how far Andie-Grace has come in her first year in her family.  It's amazing the transition in only one month already!!! 

Andie-Grace's First Month in Our Arms

~Height 28 inches and weighs 18 pounds {You've already gained 2 pounds since we got you!}
~Five teeth at Gotcha with three more already coming in!  {One of those coming in is a molar!}

~You love your two fingers only on your right hand
~Babbles "da" and "ma" and will sometimes say "buh"...which we think is "bye"
~In your first month with us, you've learned to wave, blow kisses and a little sign language, too!

~Size 9 month clothes mostly {12 months, too, but they are still big}, size 3 shoe and a size 2 diaper
~Crawling up on all fours and will pull yourself up to standing unassisted and cruise along furniture.  Loves trying to walk holding on to our hands.  {One month ago, you would hardly sit up for more than 30 seconds without falling over.  Your neck and trunk support were very weak but you've mastered that and gotten so much stronger!}

~You love being held all the time and will give kisses while smacking mommy's cheeks
~Your favorite toys are stacking cups, anything that makes noise and real cell phones {especially when I have music playing on mine}

~Eating anything within reach and taking lactose free whole milk {no formula or bottles as of last week!} in a straw sippy cup.  You were only on formula and rice bottles a month ago but quickly figured out real food and haven't looked back!  You also mastered the "pincher grasp" and love to self-feed!
~You are very good at letting your feelings be known!  Your lungs are powerful and you highly protest doing anything alone...which is catered to even more by your big brothers and the fact that you have them firmly wrapped around your little pinky!

~You love laughing and being tossed in the air and sharing your food {trying to feed mommy too} and playing with your brother's toys when they aren't watching
~You sleep well in your crib but wake up about 50% of the time in the middle of the night {we quickly come running and snuggle you in our bed until morning}

~You can totally rock a pigtail that replicates something simliar to Bam-Bam and we love it!  It's also the perfect place to clip your bows so they don't fall in your face {cause if they do you quickly yank them out and throw them down!}
~Just as much as you love jewelry and playing with Mommy's necklace, you are a dirty eater and rub oatmeal in your hair after breakfast just about every morning.  You're also very rough and tumble and completely hold your own with your brothers!

~You have been to church {love the music}, the ballfield {several times}, to our favorite Mexican restaurant {you downed the rice} and have done very well being the center of attention! 

~You've been ours for ONE ENTIRE BEAUTIFUL MONTH and we are crazy in love with you!!!  You are transitioning incredibly well into this family that you were made for, sweet girl!  You know you are loved fearlessly and soak every second of it up!  We are so happy that God chose you for us! 



Sue said...

What a great milestone in the first month with her family. It is wonderful seeing her grow.

Debbie Sauer said...

Glad to hear she is doing so well. Looking forward to the next update. Blessings