Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{New Normal}

Whew, y'all...jet lag is no joke!  It took us nearly a week in China to get over it and it's taking a toll on us coming home, too.  I have to keep moving or I'll literally just fall over asleep!

That being said...I've neglected to update y'all for a few days!  Please bare with me as this new normal sets in and jet lag {hopefully} wears off. 

We had a beautiful welcome home with family and close friends on Saturday afternoon and quickly made our way to Chick-fil-A for some sweet tea, chicken strips and waffle fries on the way home! Andie-Grace didn't particularly care for the car seat at first but once the radio was on, she was a happy girl!  {A blessing in disguise of her orphanage constantly blaring MTV on the television in her room.}  I worked overtime to get us unpacked and settled all afternoon while the rest of my crew snoozed away after a little play time with our baby girl.

While in China, I packed a little foldable pink basket that housed her toys while we were there.  Once we got home, I immediately searched for that pink basket and put her toys in it in the middle of the den so she'd have some sense of familiarity.  And she totally did!  She went right to her toys and played away...actually falling asleep playing...it was hysterical! 

Although it was incredibly wearing for both Scott and I to have the boys with us in China, it has really helped to have had them there especially so now that we are home.  I think she realized from day one that we are here family and she found her perfect little spot.  So, now that we are home, she's just like "well, these are my people so I guess we are here now!"  It's really been a huge blessing with her adjusting!

On Monday, my dear hubby headed back to a busy day of work while I attempted life with three kids at home.  We got a little homeschooling done and I managed to take all to the pediatrician for a whopping 3 1/2 hours.  ALL of them had to be seen so there wasn't an easy way to do it!

Wyatt has had a little sore throat which we found was a viral thing he's over already.  He mentioned his ear hurting that morning so I wanted to check on it too.  He's fine!

Luke, bless his little heart, slammed his pinky finger in the glass shower door our last day in China and the entire thing was black from his joint up.  He ended up having a hole drilled in it to relieve some of the blood...y'all he truly is superman.  The ONLY complaint he had the entire time the doctor was drilling in his nail was that mommy was holding his other hand too tight.  Bless him!  I was so proud of how brave he was! 

The other thing...that it a tremendous miracle...is that his nebulizer got blown and wouldn't work from the very first day we were in China.  My child that has severe asthma and requires two breathing treatments a day {in addition to other meds} had nothing but an emergency inhaler.  Y'all, God is so good!  We kept it a matter of prayer and Luke came home completely healthy!  So, we got a new nebulizer yesterday and got started back on those treatments! 

Then, we got to Miss Priss.  Goodness...where to start?!?!?  The initial check went pretty well but we're basically starting at square one with her.  She got three shots and they attempted to get a vein for some bloodwork with no luck.  There's also a little concern over the way her little chest {diaphragm specifically} is shaped that she may have a vitamin D deficiency so we have a skeletal xray set up.  I'll be taking her to the Children's Hospital tomorrow to get a pro to get her blood and do the xray.  We began vitamin D supplements yesterday and I know just being on good formula and food is going to make a world of difference.  Basically, her "bottle" that she took 4 times a day supposedly with no solid food was more rice than formula.  So, her nutrition for the past 16 months has been nil.  Girlfriend will have more than her fair share of sunshine and good food in the South!

There were also a couple of other things that we are going to be following up on.  Our pediatrician is fabulous and is taking the approach that we will assume nothing with her health since we literally have next to nothing in forms of her background.  We will just keep doing whatever needs to be done to completely figure her sweet thing out and check things off the list as we go!  We know that God made her fearfully and wonderfully and we praise Him for her precious life!

It's truly been a miracle right in front of our eyes to see her come to life!  She has a fighting spirit that I am so thankful the orphanage didn't break in her.  She's one tough cookie and is smart as a whip!  She's already got those big brothers wrapped big time and loves watching them pick up item after item she throws to the ground for them to retrieve.  :) 

She's also showing that she is slowly trusting us more and more.  For example, right now she is napping IN HER CRIB!!!  We've spent lots of time playing on the floor in her room so that she'll learn that it's a safe place.  Yesterday, I attempted to put her down for a nap in there with a few comfort items and she dozed right off {granted she was beyond exhausted}.  So, last night we tried again and she slept from 9pm-5:30am in there!  Same thing this morning.  She knows that when she cries, I will answer.  She knows that her needs are being met.  I can't tell you how huge this is for her already.  {I have to interject that I was gifted one of those baby monitors with the camera thing and, y'all, it is AMAZING!  I honestly don't know if I would have even tried the crib yet if it weren't for that thing.  Luke loves to watch her sleep on it and protect her that way.  Precious!}

So this new normal is working itself out.  We'll continue to take one day at a time as Andie-Grace learns to bond with us and blend beautifully into our family.  We are so thankful that God chose us for her.  His hand is always, always at work...

My three monkeys at the pediatrician yesterday! ;)


Kathy said...

Yes, jet lag is NO fun! They say coming home is worse, and I truly believe them. Glad all are doing well. Rieley came home at 15 months and only weighed a little over 13 pounds, wearing size 3-6 month clothing. She is still small but oh so mighty. Will be 8 in April and is 43 inches tall and 34 pounds. She will amaze you on good formula and food. Rieley was on formula until 3 yrs and still does pediasure and carnation instant breakfasts. Can't wait to see your next blog. Happy homecoming.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of your children. I look forward to reading about Andie-Grace, Luke and Wyatt in the months to come as they grow up together. God's blessings to you and your family.

Jennifer Waldrop