Saturday, March 01, 2014

{Medical Clinic}

As a requirement for all children leaving the country, Andie-Grace had to undergo a simple medical check at the clinic yesterday.  The only things that they was check her height, weight, head circumference and do a pretty basic ENT check.  Since she is under 2 years old, she didn't have to go through the blood draw to check for TB.  Whew!

There were literally only two families in the Adoptive Family waiting area.  The entire visit took less than 30 minutes...and the majority of that was waiting.  {They had to turn the lights on for us and then we had to wait for our guide to let a nurse and doctor know we were there.}

Andie-Grace did well for the most part but didn't care at all for the head to toe look over that they give them.  She does pretty well with my changing her diaper and changing her clothes but is still completely comfortable with that.  So, having yet another stranger undressing her really upset her.  She showed off those mighty lungs then! :)

I'm really not sure why they asked but the nurse seemed very concerned that she didn't talk and only "babbled".  {Keep in mind she just turned 16 months old a few days ago and has been in an orphanage where she rarely has anyone interact with her anyways.} They kept asking me over and over if she said anything...any words...anything at all.  I just responded that "she babbles a lot".  That was not good enough, apparently, because they asked again and finally I said "She's Chinese.  If she is speaking in Mandarin, I would have no clue and it'd still sound like babbling to me."  The nurse was very confused then...sometimes in China you just have to smile {or laugh} so you don't cry.  Of all the concerns I have for our fearfully and wonderfully made baby girl, her speech is way down on the list.  So, I had to just smile and exhale over that one.

{I must add though that within 24 hours of that medical check she began specifically babbling the "ma" and "da" sounds!}

Tomorrow begins early for us as we join up with four more families that are now here in Guangzhou for their Consulate Appointments this week.  We'll venture out to go to pearl and jade shopping and then visit a family home from the Chen Dynasty!

Half way home!!!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing that she is doing as well as she is with all the changes taking place. One more week before she goes home to her forever home with her wonderful parents and brothers. God is using your story to tell his story of faith and hope. God bless your sweet family!

Jennifer Waldrop

Braces Place said...

Oh...Rebecca. That hospital just was so scary for all of us when we were there!! Yall look great, And..your new Sweetie...She is soo precious... praying for you!!!