Friday, January 03, 2014

{Perfect Start to 2014}

After just over 60 days of waiting {not so} patiently, we received our Letter of Acceptance for our sweet Andie-Grace!  This single piece of paper means that Ch!na has matched her with us and she is ours.  I honestly feel like it should have come in some huge box with blinking lights and trimmed in gold with a jack in the box to pop out of the top when it arrived, but just a single piece of paper stamped with THE red stamp!  I’ll take it!  These two big brothers were excited, too!


IMG_4360 IMG_4362 IMG_4372 IMG_4385

We knew it was on the way and would be delivered on January 2nd since it left our agency’s office on December 31st…and we all know that FedEx was closed on New Year’s Day.  We were expecting it later in the afternoon but FedEx surprised us and showed up just after breakfast.  Scott had stayed around the house to work so that he could sign it as soon as it arrived and then I jetted off to FedEx to ship it back to our agency so that we may begin the next step in this journey!

So what’s next???  We wait…again! {I am NOT patient at all but God really, really is teaching me so very much in this process of depending on Him.  I’m not thrilled about the wait but I’m thrilled at what He’s doing during it!} 

We still have a few more steps to go before the next big acronym comes our way {and it’s the LAST one we need to hit the road, jack!}.  We need a final immigration approval…and then an assignment to the correct Embassy…and then something else that I always forget…followed by picking something else up and transferring it somewhere else…and then we wait for our Travel Approval to arrive!  Makes perfect sense, no?!?!  ;) 

The great thing is that our agency is wonderful and handles all of this for the most part!  So, we can focus on more enjoyable things like picking out which outfits to take for her to wear and gathering a few things for her “gotcha” day bag!  

Thank you for continuing to walk this journey alongside our family!  We are anxious and thankful and nervous and excited and know that God is in complete control!  There is a beautiful baby girl on the other side of this world that was fearfully and wonderfully made and He has chosen us for her!  Please join us in praying through these last months {weeks???} as we are surely under attack from the Enemy as he seeks to destroy the beauty that God has in store.  We are resting in those prayers daily!

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