Friday, December 27, 2013

{A Birthday Party Half a World Away!}


Since we were matched with Andie-Grace the day before her 1st Birthday, we weren’t able to have a party for her so quickly.  At first, I tried to convince myself that it was fine that we’d missed it and we’d just have her an even bigger one for 2!  But, that just didn’t work.  So, I found out from our agency that we could purchase a “party” to be done by the orphanage for her.  Since we knew she’d probably have no recollection of it and we really were just wanting more photos of her, we went with the cheaper party that just included a cake.

I paid nearly two weeks ago for it not having a clue when the party would actually happen but wouldn’t you know that her “birthday party” just happened to be the day after Christmas!  The day after we were celebrating Christ’s birth and His gift to us!  I just LOVE how God leaves nothing out!!!! 

I don’t think sweet love got a bite of cake at all since she’s on the floor on a mat in all the photos {although she does have bib on}.  But, one of the photos shows some older kids around the table with her cake about to be cut.  And you know what???  I could care less if she got a bite! Most of those sweet children at the table look at though they may never be adopted due to their severe special needs and this may just be the only cake or party they ever experience.  So, I am thrilled that they got to be a part of it!!  It’s given us the idea to take more cake when we visit the orphanage just for them then, too.  Y’all, the smile on one sweet boy’s face was SO big that it just made my heart sing that he was chosen to be there!  

The best part for us was seeing a toothy grin for the VERY FIRST TIME!!!  We’ve never seen the slightest smile on her face so this gift is priceless!!!  Hope you enjoy the party photos as much as we do!

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