Wednesday, July 24, 2013

{Singing His Praises}

On Monday morning, I opened an email from my social worker and screamed like the kid on Home Alone.  Out loud.  For at least 20 seconds. Twice.  It was a happy scream.

Scott was working out of his office here at home for the day and happened to have just come in to grab something to drink when he heard me.  I couldn’t breathe.  I was in complete shock.  To be honest, it’s still taking a while to sink in.  And I’m not so sure it has just yet.

The email included a little message that went like this…

“Just received this which means that your homestudy was approved by DSS and has been received by immigration. Woo Hoo! “

Below those words was the receipt from FedEx that our homestudy had been signed for at precisely 10:10 that morning.

8 days y’all.  8 little days.  8 days total and just over a week of business days.  Approved.  Checked off.  Forwarded to Immigration.  8 days.

On the fast track, we were expecting a month.  My goal was to be close to approval by Luke’s birthday {which isn’t for nearly another 3 and a half weeks}.

I don’t know what or who or when God has this all perfectly planned to come together but it’s coming together fast!

The home study that usually takes months (3-4 normally) took 6 weeks.

The approval of it by our agency…4 days.

And now this. 

This waiting game of adoption is moving along not nearly at the snail’s pace I was expecting.  I sometimes feel as though I’m still holding my breathe just waiting for something to put the brakes on all this…but it hasn’t happened yet.

The stage we are at now is where everyone is having the hardest time.  Computer system updates have got them a ways behind.  What used to be a few weeks process is now taking a couple months.  Nothing is in my control now.  I’ve done all the paperwork that I can up until now and have my dossier sitting ready to mail once this last little piece of the puzzle is approved. 

Next is biometrics fingerprinting and the immigration approval.  {I could tell y’all all the official terms and numbers of each form but I’ll spare you!} 

God is moving.  He is actively and efficiently at work.  Your prayers are being heard.  Our daughter awaits.  He wants her home.  He is proving it to us in each baby step we take towards having her in our arms. 

He continues to meet every need…whether it’s through moments like these {8 days?!?!?} or providing financially when we are having to make large payments much sooner than we ever anticipated or by simply giving our anxious hearts peace in this beautiful journey.  He is so good, friends.

I spent the remainder of the day Monday singing His praises as I went about the afternoon and into the evening with the ladies in our Sunday School class during our weekly Bible study…still so unaware of just why He is allowing this process to be so seamless thus far.

Then, it hit me about halfway through Beth Moore’s video when she shared this scripture…

“I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly!” John 10:10

Yes, the exact time that our homestudy was received that morning midway across the US was the reference of the verse He had planned to answer my prayers that evening in a session recorded years ago. 

He has our baby girl ready and waiting.  Her birth mother chose to give her life in a society where so many sweet little girls are never given a chance to ever be born.  She was abandoned to be found.  To be chosen.  To be given a better life.  To be adopted into our family. To be adopted into the Kingdom of God.  To be loved by us.  To be loved by you.  To live…and to live abundantly!

Thank you,  Beautiful Savior, thank you…

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