Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wyatt is NINE!!!

When in the world did this happen?!?!!?  I cannot believe my baby is half way to being a legal adult!  Double digits next year will surely do me in! ;)

We celebrated Wyatt’s 9th Birthday twice…once on his actual birthday and once a week or so later with friends.   Really he had nearly a week and a half of birthday fun.  He wasn’t complaining!

For his party, he invited a few buddies to go to the Carolina vs Wofford baseball game.  Amazing how every single dad offered to “help” with the party!  It really was so much fun!  The Gamecock Club did just about everything for us…tickets, reserved table, dinner vouchers, goodie bags {sort of…if you know me, you know I did a little something extra there}, provided cupcakes for us and a personal visit from Cocky before the game!  The boys loved it!  Our table was in outfield so they could play their own little version of catch or run to the hill to watch the game whenever they wanted.  It really was the most fun and easiest party yet.  And, the Gamecocks took the win!

IMG_8645 IMG_8647 IMG_8652 IMG_8663 IMG_8671 IMG_8675 IMG_8684 IMG_8695 IMG_8696 IMG_8700 IMG_8702

Happy Birthday, sweet boy of mine!   You are strong and courageous…and I love you a thousand times more than the freckles on your face!

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