Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sole Sisters

There is a sisterhood that forever ties women across the globe.  Whether we spend countless hours together logging miles or are logging them miles apart, we belong.  We share secrets in the early morning darkness and sometimes say nothing at all.  We step in cadence.  We breathe in unison.  We challenge each other and encourage one another.  We battle together.  We strive together.  We celebrate together. 

I have been blessed by belonging to this sisterhood.   It’s connected me to women across the country and women on the other side of town.   I’ve found a friendship unlike any other with these sisters. 

Today, I completed my third half marathon in just one day shy of one year’s time.  And, the best part about this one is finishing it with a sister in Christ.  She was my first friend welcoming me into a new city at a young age nearly 24 years ago…rushed to my side when my mom met Jesus…walked the aisle at my wedding and I at hers…delivered Chick-fil-A to the hospital on the birth of my firstborn…and is one of the hugs I will forever be blessed by receiving at my daughter’s burial.   Our lives had drawn us apart but the Lord has brought us together…and we have this sisterhood to thank.  Today we shared 13.1 miles together and I had the honor of being by her side the entire way as she completed her first half marathon!   {With an amazing time, too!}

This is a sisterhood that anyone who belongs never takes for granted.  We get each other.  We love each other.  We know the gift of running.  We appreciate the journey and we rejoice victoriously at the finish!


Kim and I after completing her 1st Half Marathon!


A few of the amazing women that I am honored to call my “sole sisters”…Kim, Robin, Lea, Ansley, Brooke, me & Kristen

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Maureen said...

Rebecca, Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I am so happy you did b/c now I have found your blog! I may need hours to go back and read through your amazing story. I am so sorry about your sweet daughter. I am also so happy you have jumped into this amazing journey of adoption. I can't wait to follow your journey and see the precious child God has picked for your family. I love these "blog" connections. And even though we are a Clemson family, we will be cheering you on:) Keep in touch!